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An Outdoor scavenger hunt with a touch of crystal maze and a hint of an escape room. This will test every aspect of your team; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Pairs will compete against other pairs in the first to Find the Func.

Find the Func will be located inside 50 acres at Beale Park, with a range of terrain including land, water and woodland. Teams will need to find Func Tokens to start, this allows them to access the Func challenges. Teams will then try to complete the Func challenges, on successful completion of the challenge, a clue will be rewarded to them. The clue will allow them to finally Find the Func.

The activities that you will come face to face with will be a mystery until the day of the event. However, you can expect water based activities, Bear Grills style challenges and puzzles only Sherlock Holmes can solve. 

Teams of 2, aged 14 plus.

£70 per team

Beale Park

To register your interest in this event please get in touch with us ( 

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