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The Phyz Ed Games 2021!

The 21st August was a special day for the Func team, as this was the day that the ‘Phyz Ed Games’

finally came alive at a beautiful venue in South Oxfordshire.

The initial idea was simple; a fun, competitive multi-sports competition, with a theme loosely based

on sports we all played at school. Thrown in to the mix was some music, drinks and food, and we would

have a festival to bring back the simple enjoyment of sport.

Seven teams entered the inaugural games: two from Wallingford Rugby Club, two from Henley

Hawkes Women’s Rugby team; two mixed teams made just for the day “The One With The Sports

Day”, “What the Func; and a BaaBaa team made of individual entries.

They competed in a Round Robin format, where final league position determines who they play in the finals. The Phyz Ed Sports for the day were Competitive Tag, Touch Rugby, Rounders, Netball and Dodgeball. Henley Hawkes Women were the early favourites with their intimidating physiques, luckily for the other teams that didn’t translate into dodgeball ability.

Competitive tag saw two teams come together, individuals within the team were ranked 1-7 and would meet their counterpart in a capture and evade duel. The aim was to tag your nemesis faster then they caught you. The team “What the Func” excelled at this, and the boys were seen throwing themselves around like a rally car drivers without a seat belts. Netball was played on grass, which was a unique experience and took nothing from the sport. It actually added an extra dimension with people diving on loose balls. Not everyone had played this game before, one Wing Defence took a shot at the net… he was expecting an epic reaction from his team mates. The women certainly stared at him, but not because he was awesome.

The final positions after every one played the Round Robin were:

1st Baabaas

2nd Wallingford Ones

3rd Wallingford Colts

4th Find the Func

5th Henley Hawkes Ones

6th Henley Hawks Twos

7th The One With The Sports Day

Baabaas were swiftly disqualified from the competition, when it was found players had overdosed

with the tropical flavoured Lucozade, a substance which is clearly prohibited by the PEG governing

body. (And with guest appearances from Phyz Ed staff they were never going to be allowed to


This left the following play offs:

First place - Wallingford Ones versus Wallingford Colts in Touch Rugby

Third Place - What The Func versus Henley Hawkes Ones in Competitive Tag

Fifth Place - Henely Hawkes Twos versus The One With The Sports Day in Netball

The One With The Sports Day managed to turn over Henley Hawkes Twos in an epic battle on the

court. Find the Func and Henley Hawkes Ones got a touch fruity, with What the Func showing their

expertise in the game of tag and securing third. The old guns beat the young whippets, by 1 try in

the final. Wallingford Ones were crowned the first ever winners of ‘The Phyz Ed Games’.

Thank you to each and every person who showed up, took part, cheered, drank, ate or danced. From

all of us at team Phyz Ed, we look forward to welcoming everyone back for next year and hopefully

will have new faces joining us.

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