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Activity List

Please find our activity list below:

At Func Events, we specialise in providing high-quality and unique events for all occasions. Our recent projects include creating exciting and memorable experiences for weddings, corporate companies (of all sizes), and birthday celebrations. If you don't see what you are looking for, please get in touch - we are constantly updating our events to suit your needs.

Func Events - Vodafone Games July 2023 (32).JPG


Official Rules or a Func twist

Func Events - Vodafone Games July 2023 (81).JPG


Traditional rounders or have you tried kick rounders?

Func Events - Vodafone Games July 2023 (40).JPG

Marble Run

Work as a team to build the best marble run


Walking Skis

4-6 people on a pair of skis trying to walk...simple right?


Egg & Spoon Race

Ye old faithful, just bigger!

BOT_2001 (265).JPG

Touch Rugby

Need we say more?

Func Events - Vodafone Games July 2023 (133).JPG


Ultimate Frisbee! One of Func's secret favourites. We can also offer Frisbee golf and Target Frisbee.



Throwing balls at people? Yes please.

Photo Coming Soon Pic.png

Bench Ball

Jump on a bench, catch a ball from your team mates, first team with all members on the bench wins. 

Func Events - Vodafone Games July 2023 (180).JPG

Sack Race

Sack race but for two people!

Photo Coming Soon Pic.png

Lawn Bowls

Something with less pace?

Photo Coming Soon Pic.png


Launch a rocket as far as you can using compressed air? Say less, Elon.

ThePhyzEdGames2021 (380).jpg

Competitive Tag

Tag, you're it. I think you get it.

Haunted House

Zombie Run

Like a scene out of The Walking Dead...

Just like tag just with Zombies. 

BOT_3003 (167).JPG

Capture the Flag

Secure the flag, protect the goods until you get the point.


Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout - football, rugby ball, netball, basketball, frisbee? The choice is endless!

Photo Coming Soon Pic.png


Golf? Yeah but a crazy...

Photo Coming Soon Pic.png


Basketball, traditional rules!

Dodson (526 of 778).jpg

Tug of War


Photo Coming Soon Pic.png

Find The Func
Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt with a puzzling twist.

Photo Coming Soon Pic.png

Detective Func

Solve the mystery before the time runs out!

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