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Corporate Event / Team Building Activities – What type of day do I want?

The Big Online World:

Before we answer the title question, you need to decide what outcomes you want from your event. Whether it’s a new team you want to bring together; a bit of friendly competition within the company; or just want to reward your work family with some fun. In the past few years, we have seen more and more employees working from home, online presence has increased and if we have to do another Zoom call we might just scream. That’s why there are so many benefits to running a corporate day, in person. We can customise your bespoke your day depending on what your most important outcomes are.

Benefits & Outcomes:

· Improve team cohesion

· Improve productivity between staff

· Aid relationships between colleagues

· Creating a shared experience between staff

· Investing in your staff’s physical and mental health goes a long way with morale

· To enhance leadership and teamwork opportunities (to see your potential new managers)

· For enjoyment

· To aid communications between staff and departments

· To enhance creativity and thinking skills

· Improve team cohesion

You are looking for an event which everyone can buy into and is engaged. It needs to be challenging and accessible. Depending on whether you want to run marathons or solve puzzles there are plenty of activities that we can design to suit your outcomes.

Physical Activities:

· Phyz Ed Games- Bespoke Sports Day for your company

· Multi activity challenge day

Puzzle Solving:

· Find the Func

· Treasure hunt

Somewhere in the Middle:

· Rocket Challenge

· Escape Room

· Beer kegs

· Segway Treasure Hunt

· Games night

Recommended providers

· FuncEvents Ltd -

· Hi5 Events -

You want to choose an event which challenges all participants and getting them to work together towards a shared goal. Decide what gets your staff going, are they active, love a tipple, love an adventure. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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